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Some people have catchy titles for the various types of disruptive participants you might encounter, but Jason Teteak’s are good. Teteak has coached thousands of professional trainers and even given a slick TED Talk on how to spread ideas in your everyday life.You’ve.

Jason Teteak—a WELS member from the Madison, WI, area—is an international public speaking coach and author. As the founder of Rule The Room, a company that specializes in training public speakers, he has trained more than a million people in how to command attention and connect with audiences.

February 1, 2018 By Jason Teteak | Filed Under: Adult Education Mastery, Instructional Design, Train the Trainer Train the Way THEY Learn Your students want (and need) you to stop trying to train in only the way YOU like to learn.

you need to incorporate all four learning styles to be Inclusive.

About Laura Reynolds. Laura Reynolds is a former fourth grade teacher with a Masters degree in Education from Drake University and a BA degree in Psychology from the University of Iowa.

What if personalized learning was less about me and more about us? – Get the best of our award-winning.

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