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Los Angeles-Based Voice Actress. Thanks for visiting. I’m a professional voice actress with over a decade of experience. Also, I’m a skilled audio producer and voice director. Furthermore, I’ve worked extensively as a recording engineer.

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Maxine Dunn David Goldberg.

Three Colorado residents appear in the program, Bruce Loval, Keith Kirby, and co-host Maxine Dunn (pictured below). Additionally, the last on-camera interview with the.

The following is a true voice over story. Pretend you are this person as you read it. You’re an aspiring voice over actor. You practice the craft, research how to break through, figure out how much work it is, and buy the right equipment to become a successful voice over pro.

I hosted a Voice Over Workshop yesterday in my studio with a voice talent and that was a key point I made – every voice talents needs to use a VARIETY of marketing channels not a couple. And for some people, as noted in the statistics, obviously P2P works for them.

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