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This week, two of my favorite online marketing writers — Nick Usborne and Debbie Weil — underscore and update Prof. Ball’s classroom rule. Each has a distinctive take on why clear and simple win out over clever and cute.

Nick Usborne is taking on content marketing, which is a huge topic.

Maybe I can grow my bank account and my confidence to make the journey next year. I’m glad.

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Nick Usborne Feb 28, 2006 0 Over the last few years Marketing Experiments has conducted thousands of tests with dozen of partner companies. We have learned a great deal, and shared much of our research data through our teleconference clinics and written briefs.

Nick Usborne Mar 20, 2006 0 One of the frustrations of launching a new web site, or blog, is the time it takes to attract serious organic search traffic. When you launch with a new domain, you know it’s going to take a while before the search engines start indexing.