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If the draft is approved prior to August, 2018-19 could be a pilot year for a school.

and all feedback would have to be in by then. For a copy of the draft and the survey, go to school.utah.gov. If.

Today’s Email Announcements – Nominations forms are available online at volunteernc.org or acquire a hard copy of the application at the High Country.


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If you would’ve told me that a movie about a beauty pageant would end up being one of 2018’s most empowering movies.

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Because only rookies write from scratch.

We’ve pulled together every single copywriting formula we’ve ever seen to create the ultimate guide – the most complete handbook – to copywriting formulas. This one post will help you write all your copy faster and with greater likelihood of success. You should be using copywriting formulas whenever you write anything.

You probably found this post after looking through several others searching for a real answer to the question, “When is the best time to send email?”. I say it that way because lots of sources out there provide the same answer: It depends.